Do you like comics? I am sure that you do. You can find a lot of them on The Eye web, so I have been playing with a project using Go in order to download the comics to read them when you whish, Comiccon.

Comiccon is a toy project to download and keep updated comics. It takes advantage of the goroutines to download several comics at the same time. The limitation is the number of your CPUs. Cobra is the Go library utilized to build the CLI.


You can find the repository in Github.


go get -u

How to use it


$ comiccon help


$ comiccon download

If a comic is already downloaded, it will not be downloaded it again.

The configuration of the command is saved in a file called config.json.

Optional flags

$ comiccon download --basefolder /tmp/comics --extensions cbr --link "DC Chronology"


To run it using Docker, the only thing that we must have in mind is mapping the volumes in order to keep the comics.

$ docker run --rm -v /tmp/comics:/tmp/comics mendrugory/comiccon download --basefolder /tmp/comics --extensions cbr --link "DC Chronology"

Enjoy it !!